GROOVE COVERAGE (DJ Novus & Singer Mell) represents from 2001 on quality, worldwide success, a target audience between 15-45 years old, over 13 million records sold, 15 Top 30 chart hits in Germany and Austria, numerous music awards (2x Echo, New Faces Award, #1 Sunshine Live 10 annual voting), european TV appearances on ZDF, RTL, RTL2, SAT1, VIVA, MTV, TVP, CCTV1 etc. plus so far the only German music act #1 in China and a viewing figure of over 580 million viewers at “Wetten dass?!”.
In addition to that over 2,400 DJ & Live shows (2002-2013) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Italy, Africa, France, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Malta, Estonia & Brazil

Moonlight Shadow - God is a Girl - Poison - The End - Runaway - On the Radio - She - 21st Century - Runaway - 7 Years & 50 Days - Holy Virgin - Because i Love You - Innocent - Angeline - Think about the Way - Riot on the Dancefloor - Tell me

Groove Coverage are now in the studio to finalize the next single !


At least for Singer Mell & DJ Novus (Groove Coverage) as their exceptional story started in 2001.
The debut-single „are u ready“ reached the top ten of Germany’s DJ Charts and Playlists within very short time, however, at this time, nobody could predict that Groove Coverage should became the leading German dance-act within the following years.

The most important step for this unbelievable success was the release of the single „moonlight shadow“, a cover-version of Mike Oldfield’s legendary 80s hit.
This single entered the German Media Control single-chart at position #8 and climbed up to #3, and got Gold Status ( 250.000 sold units).

The next challenge was to prove that they are not just a one-hit-wonder. But the 2nd single “god is a girl” (idea based on an older Roxette song) made absolutely clear that there is a lot more to come as this song became a anthem and was the next top 10 single!
Simultaneously a lot of successful international released took place.

In autumn 2002 the act released its debut-album “Covergirl“ which includes the very wide range of Groove Coverage’s world of music. There are beautiful ballads and melodic techno-trance tracks (their absolut strongest side) on this album, and, as they never forgot their roots, rather hard kickin club-tracks. The album peaked in the top 30 album-charts which is an immense success for a dance-act.

The next chapter was the first single of the 2nd album “7 years & 50 days” ironically called „the end“ which was the next top hit in Germany followed by the next milestone „Poison“, a very unique cover-version of Glamrock-Star Alice Cooper’s superhit. Again position 1 in all important German DJ Charts and a single chart entry at 7 accompanied by a fantastic video which got high rotation at VIVA and MTV. “Poison” was the first Groove Coverage single entering the Top 40 of UK’s single charts while peaking at 32 and also the first reaching the US Billboard Airplay-Dance Chart!

It continued with the synchron-release of the next single “7 years and 50 days” and the same-titled album. Both, single and album reached again the top 15 Sales Charts in Germany – again an incredible success.

Groove Coverage is also known for surprises – the fans didn’t expect that “she” would be the next single from the 2nd album as it is a rather slow song based on the German church-song “star over Bethlehem” But also this one worked very well in the Charts and as a consequence of massive airplay
this song brought Groove Coverage to a bit older, rather adult audience and conquered some countries which were not on the release-list before.

The last single from the “7 years and 50 days” album was “runaway” which reached again top 15 in the German and Austrian Sales Charts what is very exceptional for the 5th single of an album. “Runaway” is still hot in Australia, Canada and Japan and the follow-up single after “Poison” in the UK.

2005 Groove Coverage was mainly focused on the massive international releases and performances like for example in Japan where they got the well-know ZIP Dance Award for being Japan’s no 1 Dance-Act in 2005.

The albums have been released in: USA, Japan, Australia & NZ, Taiwan, South Africa, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Russia and brandnew Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and, finally Brazil where Groove Coverage shall join the famous “Planet Pop” event in April 2006.

In 2009 groove coverage released there first album in china and the song good is a girl got #1 in china and won the award of the most downloaded song in 2009.
Singer Mell & Dj Novus toured from now on across china.

2010 groove coverage came back to european market and released there comeback single "innocent", in 2011 "angeline" (#1 musicload charts), in 2012 "think about the way" + "riot on the dancefloor" +"Tell Me" (Release January 2014, #8 iTunes Sales Charts)

The fact that singer Mel and DJ Novus are performing their shows every weekend in front
of thousands highly excited people around the globe is also essential for the success of Groove Coverage. Almost no Dance-Act has such a close and long-lasting relationship to the fan-base since 2001.

"God is a girl, wherever you are !"